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Rockets in the Pennsylvania Drum Corps Hall of Fame! 
  • Irv Hurt
  • Mike Blazer Sr.
  • Mike Blazer
  • Bill Bodnar
  • Frank Cicco
  • Rich DeMarco
  • David Hurt
  • Sandy McNeal
  • Bud Jeffers
  • A.J."Riggie" Laus
  • Bill Murray
  • Bernie Pack
  • Lou Palumbo Jr.
  • Terry Prosba
  • Eugene Sharpley
  • Chuck Smith
  • Pete Spadero
  • Frank Welling Sr.
  • Bill Yoho
  • John Gruphofer
  • Randy Spillars

I received these from the daughter of George McCaulley 2nd from the left in the front row. More will be comming.

George started playing the drums at six and was in the Pittsburgh Rockets, Homewood Rockets, Sharpsburg corps, dance bands, and was kicked out of Ohio State for fighting with the music director! He was in the Navy during WWII and returned to Pittsburgh only briefly after that.

After moving to the Philadelphia area in the early 50’s, he was an American Legion Drum and Bugle Corps judge as well playing with the Willow Grove Marine Corps band directed by Les Harvey. Mr. Harvey was a mechanic by trade and had an accident where he was pinned against a wall by a car. With braces on both legs, his marching days were over. They would play concerts for the local nursing homes, but that’s about it. Soon after that he had an accident where he smashed his index finger with a sledgehammer, thus ending his drumming for good. He then went on to teach his granddaughter how to play. She was in elementary school at the time and was holding the sticks wrong. George went to see her music teacher and was told that “there are two schools of thought on that”. George told him “yeah, the right way and the wrong way”.

 You gotta love George!

Patton Poll Results
1971 - 10 votes 21%
1972 - 24 votes 50%
1973 - 14 votes 29%

Though I marched just 1973, I liked the 1971 version. To me it seemed more true to the original. Just my 2 cents!

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